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    Novice Silver Surfer

    This is a discussion on Novice Silver Surfer within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Advice please. We are currently with Demon - who used to be good - pay a lot for 24 hour ...

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      Novice Silver Surfer

      Advice please. We are currently with Demon - who used to be good - pay a lot for 24 hour free tech support - now at cc in India and not good. Run a charity so need to look carefully at costs. I have researched a lot of ISP's and read forums slating BT, Pipex, NTL, Tiscali etc. ! Now need to know more about SKY. I am not computer literate - have to rely on a volunteer techie who cannot visit more than about once a month. I am looking to go for Sky mid Broadband plus unlimited anytime phone calls. If we add just one
      Sky TV programme do I have to buy new equipment to work with an old TV?
      How reliable is Sky broadband ? We never have any 'drop outs' with Demon -
      it is just the cost and poor tech support now the cc is in India. Is tech support with Sky 24/7 and do you pay per minute for it ? Just how often do people get problems with transferring from one ISP to another ? Will I still be able to access our emails on Outlook ? Any detailed help and advice for a confused, novice silver surfer would be greatly appreciated !
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      Re: Novice Silver Surfer

      Welcome to SkyUser

      How reliable is Sky broadband ?
      My own personal experience, is the broadband has been reliable and does everything I need, no connection or drop outs, apart from an issue I had over Christmas (which could easily be attributed to Christmas lights, as the issue disappeared on or around 6th Jan)

      For the majority, it just works. No one can guarantee that you will not have any issues, but if you do, we will hopefully help you resolve those issues.

      If we add just one
      Sky TV programme do I have to buy new equipment to work with an old TV?
      Have you already got Sky? If you have adding a program should not be an issue. If you haven't I can't see any logical reason why Sky would not work with an older TV.

      Just how often do people get problems with transferring from one ISP to another ?
      Again, for the majority, things work right first time, and is normally a trouble free experience. (unless you are me, then something always goes wrong)

      Will I still be able to access our emails on Outlook ?
      Theoretically yes. It depends what email address's you mean though. Sky give you up to 10 email address's and these are powered by Google. If you have an @demon email address, I am not sure if that will stop working once you leave their network.

      If you have your own personal domain / email address, then you may need to do a bit of work to set these up to work with Sky BB - however all the advice you could need would be available on here, therefore you are not dependent on your visitor once a month to sort out.

      As for Sky's customer service, I cannot fault them really, but in reality, I haven't rang them that many times. When I have the majority of times I have been satisfied with the service received, again, this is always dependent on who you speak to and to what level they understand of the problems you are having.

      You will always read horror stories on the Internet, as that is the world we live in, very few people actually take the time to write that they have had a positive experience.
      ~ Never, ever, argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience ~

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      Re: Novice Silver Surfer

      A few more comments…

      The cheapest Sky package that fits your requirements will cost £26 per month. This is made up of Sky's cheapest TV package at £16, Sky Talk Unlimited at £5, and Sky Broadband Mid at £5 per month.

      In terms of reliability, I haven't found Sky too bad, now that they've upgraded the software running on the router (that's the little box that gives you your Internet connection). In your case, both Demon and Sky will be using very similar technology to provide an Internet connection to your home, so all in all, I reckon you'll get very similar levels of reliability.

      If telephone support is important for you, you should take into account the fact that first-line telephone support will usually be provided by a call centre in the Philippines, and you can expect a very long wait if you phone up during the day. Call charges are 6p per minute, so that 45 minute wait just to speak to someone whose English is pretty poor anyway is going to cost you a lot. However, from 1 July this year, calls to Sky will be free if you have one of Sky's telephone packages (either Sky Talk Freetime or Sky Talk Unlimited).

      Also all Sky packages are intended for domestic use only; I'm not really sure how Sky will feel about you running a charity using their phone and Internet services. Most likely you'll get away with it, but if you're planning to spent an evening doing something like phoning up large numbers of existing or potential donors then that might be deemed to be incompatible with Sky's idea of domestic use.

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      Re: Novice Silver Surfer

      Just to add calls to Sky customer support will be free in June.

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      Re: Novice Silver Surfer

      To avoid confusion, that is for Sky telephone subscribers only, if you are with another phone provider there is still a charge.


      Please note the views and recommendations in my posts are my own and in no way reflect the views of SkyUser.

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