I recently moved house and subscribed once again to Sky BB via my partner's account.

We have been placed on Sky MID as requested and received very promptly I might add the Sagem F@ST 2504 router which admittedly is nicer looking than the V1 Router I had.

My query is with regards to the connection speed I am getting, as far as I can gather I can;t supply detailed stats like the V1 router, is that right?

When I resync the line I get connection speeds between 2700 and 3000 kbps with an initial noise margin of 9.5db, my attentuation is between 61 and 62db, I am 2.5km straight line to the exchange but can't remember who to check actual line length.

Is the Sagem setting a high target SNR for initial sync, I thought it was supposed to aim for 6.9db therefore allowing a higher sync?

I am relatively happy with my speeds, the connection at my parents home with an attentuation of 63db and SNR around 8db is 3200 approx, so just curious as to why the Sagem is being hesitant at obtaining a faster sync, is this a contention issue?

The router is connected directly to the Master socket via a pre-filtered BT socket, the line comes in from a Pole and then into this master socket.

Also while I remember my WAN connection time always seems to reset to zero when I turn my PC on after having it off for a while, I thought that would just keep counting up the way just as the LAN Connection does?

Hope someone can help me out here.