Hi, I'm aware that answers to my issues are possibly floating around on other threads but it would be a help if I could get some advice.

I've recently changed from tiscali to sky broadband (max).

I have the Sagem Fast 2504 router.

I need to be able to forward ports for various programs that I use; I do a fair bit of gaming.

When I was setting up my connection, I was instructed by sky tech to assign an ip address automatically. I've since managed to change this so that I now have a static ip to connect to the web.

Anyway, I tried to set up port forwarding for a couple of progs that I use. I was unsuccessful but came across a couple of issues:

i) when I accessed ipconfig/all in the command prompt, my DNS server was listed as being the same as the router's ip address.
I thought this was strange. I then looked at my TCP/IP properties and the DNS servers were listed as something completely different
(these were the same as the ones listed in my router). Anyway, that's the first point.

ii)I then went into the router set up to set the portforwarding rules, but it didn't work. I followed the necessary instructions but
when I tried to input details for the WAN users (the router's ip address in this case I believe), I was not able to enter any figures
into that area. So, I think this may be the cause. Thanks.