Dont know if anyone can help with this.

I have a White Netgear Router and when i have a wired connection it takes a few reboots before it aquires a network address.
I turn the router on, and the pc brings up a message limited saying limited connection. Have tried the internal repair and even tried giving the pc a manual ip address but still same issue. But when it does connect it like works for like an hout and then looses its connection to the router. Cant even ping the router then.
But when I connect the pc via wireless it works straight away with no reboots and i can work on it for hours with no problems.

Thought maybe it might be my pc but tried my mates laptop and same thing,works straight away with wireless but takes a few reboots when connected via ehthernet and with ethernet was on for 25 minutes before lost connection.

I have updated the drivers for my network card and even updated the firmware on the router but still same issue. Anyone got any ideas