I canít get my WebcamXP to work with the Sky Sagem F@st 2504.

WebcamXP needs ports 8080 & 8090 to be open.

I have already entered the routers security settings and added a new service and also the routers firewall rules to allow both inbound and outbound (Allow Always) for WebcamXP on ports 8080 and 8090.

When I try to connect to my page all I get is Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. The Windows diagnostics said that windows firewall was configured to allow connections on 8080 but a remote firewall may be blocking 8080.

I called Sky technical support who suggested I reset my router, when this failed to solve the problem they suggested I call sagem direct, he told me to wait till he got me the phone number which took a couple of minutes, on his return they said they didnít have the number for sagem and suggested I do a Google search.

Please note that other than this port problem my internet seems to be working fine.

Please can anyone help?