Hi all,

Been browsing these forums for a few weeks now and have seen the many posts about late activations etc. As i still have my AOL connection, i wasn't too bothered about not being on sky for a few days after the expected activation date, but it has now been 7 days since i was told i would be activated. (the 13th, what an un-lucky number!)

Now i am a little frustrated and i don't know whether sky are trying there best to get me online, or who is to blame, but it's now fobbing me right off as i don't know if my AOL connection will cease (says nothing about cease or activation dates on the BT tracker) so i feel like i am right back at the start. Just because i have my AOL MAC code doesn't mean that i have canceled the contract does it? If so, do i need to wait for AOL to finish before BT can activate the line?

Also, it doesnt help when i am the only person in the house who has any knowledge about BB and the Sky registration is all in my mums name (she pays for the Sky and BB now) so i need my mum to talk to sky who no doubt will just feed her the biggest load of **** because of the data protection act. Ahhhhgr!