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    Hopelessly Rediclous

    This is a discussion on Hopelessly Rediclous within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Well as the title suggests I dont really know what to make of sky bb . I am heavily into ...

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      Hopelessly Rediclous

      Well as the title suggests I dont really know what to make of sky bb. I am heavily into online gaming and even though i get sky high pings im good enough to ignore it and keep on killing. But recently it has been acting odd. Oh by the way jsut as im typing this the bb has just cut out again (inter light went out) tonight 3rd march 00:31am it keeps cutting out for no reason. But any way its been doing this for a while. Moving soon and when i do im getiing rid of this, does any one else have the problem. Ive tried tweaking the router abit but nothing seems to help. Ive rang sky numerous times, they open a ticket and they say some one should ring or email soon but they never do.

      Some stats...

      /usr/sbin/adslctl: ADSL driver and PHY status
      Status: Showtime Channel: INTR, Upstream rate = 416 Kbps, Downstream rate = 896 Kbps
      Link Power State: L0
      Mode: G.DMT
      Channel: Interleave
      Trellis: ON
      Line Status: No Defect
      Training Status: Showtime
      Down Up
      SNR (dB): 6.7 13.0
      Attn(dB): 15.5 31.5
      Pwr(dBm): 15.4 2.8
      Max(Kbps): 1056 1024
      Rate (Kbps): 896 416
      G.dmt framing
      K: 29(0) 14
      R: 16 16
      S: 4 16
      D: 32 8
      ADSL2 framing
      MSGc: 1 1
      B: 29 14
      M: 8 16
      T: 1 1
      R: 16 16
      S: 8.5333 17.0666
      L: 240 120
      D: 16 8
      SF: 3114 3112
      SFErr: 296 0
      RS: 52956 13226
      RSCorr: 3937 0
      RSUnCorr: 3230 0

      HEC: 243 0
      OCD: 47 0
      LCD: 0 0
      Total Cells: 108522 0
      Data Cells: 174 0
      Drop Cells: 0
      Bit Errors: 0 0

      ES: 1389 0
      SES: 547 0
      UAS: 293 0
      Total time = 49 min 49 sec
      SF = 150115
      CRC = 30870
      LOS = 222
      LOF = 0
      ES = 1389
      Latest 1 day time = 49 min 49 sec
      SF = 150115
      CRC = 30870
      LOS = 222
      LOF = 0
      ES = 1389
      Latest 15 minutes time = 4 min 49 sec
      SF = 13288
      CRC = 651
      LOS = 28
      LOF = 0
      ES = 59
      Previous 15 minutes time = 15 min 0 sec
      SF = 49808
      CRC = 8469
      LOS = 60
      LOF = 0
      ES = 621
      Previous 1 day time = 0 sec
      SF = 0
      CRC = 0
      LOS = 0
      LOF = 0
      ES = 0
      15 minutes interval [-30 min to -15 min] time = 15 min 0 sec
      SF = 43801
      CRC = 3454
      LOS = 51
      LOF = 0
      ES = 249
      15 minutes interval [-45 min to -30 min] time = 15 min 0 sec
      SF = 43218
      CRC = 18296
      LOS = 83
      LOF = 0
      ES = 460

      P.s can i set to ADSL2 using that tool (Sky Netgear DG834GT utility version 0.4) or do sky have to use it.


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      Re: Hopelessly Rediclous

      firstly, reboot the router as ur attenuation is a bug (the 15.5)...

      secondly, Sky have to set to adsl2+ but guaging from youre speed at present you're line is no good for it

      Useful Sticky: - How To Obtain Your Router Stats, BT Speed Test, Check For Test Socket

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      Re: Hopelessly Rediclous

      It seems to me the Mode is G,DMT not ADSL2+ Also although the OP's profile says Max, the upload indicates Mid. I would guess that the true Attenuation is way above 60dbls. The error rate is horrendous, I didn't think a line would even work with an error rate of over 20%.

      The OP is obviously right on the limit for even receiving broadband, some work on the internal wiring may help, but I have to doubt that it will do much good.

      P.s can i set to ADSL2 using that tool (Sky Netgear DG834GT utility version 0.4) or do sky have to use it.
      You can only use the utility to 'reduce' the Mode, not increase it, this can only be done by Sky and given your figures, I don't think they would even consider it


      Please note the views and recommendations in my posts are my own and in no way reflect the views of SkyUser.

      Useful Utilites TCPOptimiser /Test Socket

      Note - When downloading always select the Custom install or you will end up with stuff you don't want.

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      Re: Hopelessly Rediclous

      I agree with Isitme. However it is always worth having a look at the internal set up.
      There is a BT "brass hat" who lives in deepest Norfolk, at the end of a very long overhead line. The set-up is thus.
      (1) the overhead enters at the gable end of the roof.
      Directly on the inside of the roof is the master socket and a BT faceplate filter
      (2) The router is a stripped down Speedtouch 546 in an earthed metal case. The connection to the filter is twisted pair about 6 inches long.

      Attenuation is 70db and the connection is stable but slow.

      I am not suggesting that everyone should go to these lenghts, just don't give up.



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