I'm having some trouble with page loading in browsers. Pages that are heavy on images such as online newspapers hang while loading. After several refreshes it is often possible to get the page to load. The same performance is experienced with both IE7 and firefox.

I have 2 computers connected to a single white sky router. The laptop (wireless)has no page loading difficulties, which rules out and provider/router issues. The main computer (hardwired with ethernet cable), however, suffers badly.

Both computers run the same firewall (sunbelt) and the same version so that can also be ruled out.

The computer has also been spybot / avg antivirus scanned and appears to be clean. Gaming performance is very good on the main computer.

What is also very strange is that sometimes a link will load only a single image and not the correct target of the hyperlink that has been clicked which is very odd behaviour. In firefox this often happens with the simplest of pages such as the google homepage.

If anybody could shine any light on a possible source of the problem it would be very much appreciated.