Everyone remember how I got stupidly angry about my broadband service before? This is the rest of the story.

After a couple of phone calls, the guy at teir 3 (I think) said he would order me a new router and told me to call back after I had recieved it so they could raise the speed. So I waited, and to everyones amazement, the router never came. I then called again, asking where it was and the nice young lady helping me said it had never been ordered so then ordered me one.

I got the new router 5 days later. I was thinking - awesome, this new black one can handle noise on the line better (I think for some reason) and will sort my problems out completely. I opened the box to find another V1 router staring me in the face. I wasn't as happy as I should have been, but still I thought i'd give it a go.

Surprisingly, I plugged it in and everything went smoothly. No hitches or anything. So I called them up again to get my cap removed (2.4mb on the max package). I got speaking to a guy in teir 3 and he raised it up to 8mb, and claimed that that was as high as it would go when about 5 months back I saw it at 14mb. He claimed to have the line history in front of him and that was never the case.

So i'm now at 8mb. Called back again and after numerous problems (communication problems) and after I had been passed onto a manager and disconnected cause apparently she couldn't hear me. I phoned back YET AGAIN, to have a very helpful guy tell me that the maximum stable connection I could get on the line was 8mb. Fair enough I said.

Done, thanks for your advice.