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I have attached a photo of the master socket (find it at the bottom of this post), with a red line drawn over the extension lead that leads to two bedrooms.

The blue line is the sky box lead.

Here again is the latest netgear stats:
Your stats are actually much healthier now the faceplate has been removed so I think your original main problem lies there. Looking at the removed faceplate, the wire you have coloured red should be wired to the back of it.

You can see in the photo that there is an orange/white wire connected to terminal 3. Remove it as it is not needed, and that is probably what was causing a lot of your noise.

Then, ensure that you have filters plugged into ALL your extensions, including the Sky box one. If the stats stay as good as they are now with the faceplate replaced, you could then talk to Sky and get the cap lifted.