Has anyone had anything similar happen before?
Basically when I phoned Sky to join, they told me my exchange was oversubscribed and I could only get Sky connect. I live in a flat and the installation company phoned me back anyway. At that point I was thinking of getting Be and a freeview box instead but the girl from the installation company told me I could actually get Max so I went ahead, and she set up the DD for the price of the package with Broadband max.

I received the router today, also got the letter regarding the activation date today: Jan 9th. I installed the router anyway, and to my surprise was online already.
However after logging in to the router I could see that I was connected at 8148 downstream/448 upstream, so that's definitely Connect (line stats are pretty good too).

Do you think Sky have messed up, or will I move from Connect to Max next week?
(I've sent an email to Customer services, but thought I'd try here too)