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    Very Strange Problem

    This is a discussion on Very Strange Problem within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Hi there guys, Unfortunately, my experience with Sky BBand has been negative since the outset. About 4 months ago, we ...

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      Very Strange Problem

      Hi there guys,

      Unfortunately, my experience with Sky BBand has been negative since the outset. About 4 months ago, we switched from BT Broadband to Sky Connect. With BT, we were receiving a speed of 2MB on an 'Up to 8mb' package (we live a few miles out from the exchange), and a decent gaming ping of 50ms.

      Anyway, during the first month with sky, everything was rosy. Same speed, good gaming, happy customer. However, from the second month onwards, things went downhill. Over the last 3 months, my speed has fallen from 2MB to 800kbps, which is appauling. I did contact Sky various time, but they were no help. A few weeks go, i was finally told i could have up to 1MB Broadband on my line.....Hang on, when i joined, i could get 2? What the hell happened?

      The real problem started last week. Suddenly, my connection just plummeted to 200Kbps. Now, internet browsing is painstakingly slow, and gaming is a no-go (my ping jumps from a poor 90ms to a whopping 2000ms sporadically).

      Now i have no idea why this happened. The wierd thing is, when i'm on the phone (landline at the master socket) my Bband connection wil cut out for a few seconds once the call is answered. After that, my speed jumps up to 900Kbps. However, the second the call ends...back down to 200Kbps. How infuriating!

      I've gone through the usual junk-talk with Tier 1, and i have spoken to Tier 2/3. They couldnt seem to nail the problem down, so they've contacted BT and they will be getting in touch within a few days (I bloody well hope they can help)

      If anyone has any theories on what the problem might be, please reply! Even the simplest / crazy things you can think of which might have done this to my line:

      Why could the speed have progressivly gotten slower since we joined up?
      Why is my connection now a paltry 200Kbps after being perfectly ok up until now?
      Why is my connection jumping when the landline phone is engaged?

      Please, any help you offer will be much appreciated.

      Thanks for your time!


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      Re: Very Strange Problem

      Well, there could be any one of several issues there, but whenever there's a change in the behaviour of a broadband connection when the phone is in use, it strongly suggests that there is some kind of issue with a microfilter. I know it sounds like an obvious thing, but it's worth asking - have you started using a telephone extension socket that was in use before, and forgotten to use a microfilter? It's also possible that one of the microfilters has developed a fault - although the electronics inside a microfilter is generally very reliable.

      One of the most important things you need to do is try to determine if the problem is with the wire between the exchange and your house, or if it's actually the telephone wiring in your house that's responsible for the problem. To do this, you need to plug the router into what's known as the test socket.

      Most people will have a telephone socket somewhere in their house which is what's known as an NTE5 master socket. It'll look something like this…

      As you can see, the bottom half of the socket can be removed to reveal an internal socket. This is the test socket. Be careful when removing the bottom half of the socket - it may have wiring connected to the terminals on the back.

      Plug a microfilter into the test socket, and then plug the router into socket on the microfilter labelled "modem" or "ADSL". Don't plug anything into the socket labelled "phone". Power up the router and let it connect.

      If you get a good sync speed with the router connected like that, then there is some kind of issue with the telephone wiring in the house. If the sync speed is still poor, then the issue is with BT's wiring between the exchange and your house.

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      Re: Very Strange Problem

      May also want to bear in mind that there are problems for some customers on the BT based "Connect" package at the moment. We started seeing some issues with it last week, some customers could not browse at all and for others it was extremely slow.



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