I have recently migrated from Virgin to Sky.

I can use the internet with no problems when connecting wirelessly. When I connect to my work network via Nortel VPN it will connect but won't stay connected for more than about 20 minutes.

Consulting the Nortel software logs reveals that the problem is due to a third 'keepalive' timing out causing it to disconnect. I am unable to change the number of keepalives.

If I connect to VPN using a direct ethernet connection I have no problems.

I have tried disabling keeplives on the Nortel software and although this improves connectivity a bit, when it does disconnect I am unable to reconnect until the connection on the server times out (about 18000 seconds!).

Have tried Sky tech. support and they told me it must be a problem with my work VPN. My work have stated they do nothing different for Virgin and Sky connections and hence have rightly told me to go back to Sky.

The only other pattern I have noted is that the connection normally drops when I am 'busy', e.g. when downloading an attachment (1mb+) whilst surfing the internet - perhaps the response to the keepalive cannot be received?

I still have my Linksys router that I successfully used with Virgin - can this be used and would it make any difference?

Thanks, Neil