I was away for 2 months and recentley came back to move into a new house and I chose to use Sky Broadband. My exchange is Non-LLU so I am using the Connect package and everything is working a lot better than I thought it would.

The problem is that I have missed out on 2 months of games and from downloading through Steam and getting demos I think I am going to hit the cap about a week into being connected. I'm not worried about being throttled or being disconnected, what I am worried about is being charged for the extra usage, does anyone know what the likely outcome of this will be? If I get everything I want I think I will do about 70-80GB this month.

I might cancel Sky as I am within 8 days of the activation date and find a different provider, does anyone know if BT or any other provider do a reasonable Unlimited usage Non-LLU package?

Thanks for the replies in advance.