would I get any faster with any other BB provider like Be* or is that the max?

I have a permanent cable wired from the BT master socket going to my PB to another socket. Then I have a lead plugged to my router, so I think I have the best considering the 7m distance it runs. Did consider putting cat 6 wiring in but unsure if there will be a benefit?

My neighbour is always complaining of dropout on her Sky connection and she has to keep resetting the router, is that why, because the margin is 5.4 db?

Would I benefit any by putting the router right next to the BT socket and running an ethernet cable to my computer and plugging straight into it?
Answer 1 - i'm not sure, thinks they all use the same line (apart from VM if you live in a cabled area)

Answer 2 - if it is a telephone line exstension them cat 5 / 6 would be better

Answer 3 -Yes (she could use mognut utility to increase the figure, which should give a more stable connection, but will be slower) also she may benifit from testing with the test socket

Answer 4 - yes

not sure if above you at all