Right, let me explain my situation! Moved from Virgin Media at the end of july to sky. Took up the base tv package and the connect package (as the max and mid were sold out). I kept checking there website because i wanted to move to the max package asap.
When it became avaliable (start of August) i called them up asking to move over, they said it was fine etc etc. Called up and the end of the week because i was still on a 448kb upload (connect) asking what was wrong, they said it was rejected because of incompatable product on the line and was told to call BT. Called BT and they said that the only product on the line was the connect package?! So i called up sky again and they said they would put it through again. Now apparently the 2nd time they tryed it went wrong because they tried to move me straight from the connect to the max and not from the connect to the mid and then the max?
So for the last 2 months i have been waiting for it to clear or something and still being billed at 17 a month (not the 5 as they promissed).
Ever time i call up asking whats happening they dont see too know, they said somethign about waiting for the system to clear and then they can try again but ive been waiting for about 2 months. Any ideas how long it will take and what i can do to speed it up? or what can i do to sort it out

Many thanks