Hi all,

Just a quick bit of background. I gave my MAC code to Sky on 24 August 2007 (Put the year in as some people are still waiting to be activated from last year arn't they)

I got a little suspicious on the 8th Sep when I had not heard anything so I gave them a ring, to be told that my order is stuck for some reason (Not sure why yet) I got told that the problem had been escalated to another sky team somewhere that speak to BT and find out whats happened (Proviosioning Team I think????)

I gave the provisioning team a ring today and the lady said that they are looking into the problem and they will get back to me when they know more.

Now my issue is that I have just started an Engineering Degree and I really cannot be doing without an internet connection for the sort of time that some people are experiencing, I would need to do alot of research online for obvious reasons.
My current ISP contract will expire on Monday 17th Sep.

Am I in a position to cancel my order with Sky (as its in the relatively early stages) Then I can ring my current ISP and stop them cutting me off