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    40GB cap enough?

    This is a discussion on 40GB cap enough? within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; hey, im currently on AOL broadband platinum, but my line will active on the 15 august with bb max. One ...

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      40GB cap enough?

      hey, im currently on AOL broadband platinum, but my line will active on the 15 august with bb max. One thing that bothered me is when i signed up i was orginially going to go with mid because it has a 40gb allowence which i thought was enough. The guy on the phone asked me what ill be using my connection for, i told him i download small files, browse regually (inc video sites) and use xbox live for my 360 and play world of warcraft online. he asked me how regually i go on online games and i said maybe about 2 hours a day. He said there was no way that 40gb was enough for 2 hours of world of warcraft because he plays it about 2 hours and always goes over 40gbs of download without even dowloading anything else. i tested what he said by going on world of warcraft for about 5 hours, i checked how much i downloaded by accessing my speedtouch router and it came barely close to 30mbs, i also checked the blizzard website which says WoW dowloads at about 24kbs while im playing which i worked out i would have to play for 1800 hours a month to reach my cap. I dont mind paying for max because i could get upto 16mb, but i dont like being mislead.

      Do you think hes right and is it easy to go over 40gb if your a regular user.


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      Re: 40GB cap enough?

      why dont u just get sky max for 10/month with ultimated downloads? and up to 16mbps
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      Re: 40GB cap enough?

      If you can use 40gb a month from what you say, I would be very surprised. Possibly he had 2gb in his mind as in the Base Package?

      I would have thought you would be fine on MID, saying that the bigger upload speed on MAX and potentially up to 16mb is well worth it for a tenner.
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      Re: 40GB cap enough?

      Considering the old BT cap was 40 gig on their top end product and I played WoW for 2.5 years with nobody moaning at me for bandwith use.

      WoW tends to use about 20-30 meg an hour so a couple of hours a day is nothing. (I was playing for at least 8+ hours a day, 7 days a week and I was also using Xbox live and I never got a nasty letter from BT)



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