Hi guys,

I am banging my head against the wall here trying to get my broadband request processed. I signed up on the 14th of June, have provided mac code(s), have paid twice, etc, etc. The problems I have had are too long to mention, eg. mac code was not accepted, etc etc.

Anyway, the current status of my oprder is that my request is frozen due to a software error and I have to wait until a fix is available. Its been like that for 10 days now. Because my mac code from tiscali was not accpeted I will not have broadband after the 1st of August. I have gone down this route because the mac code that I provided from tiscali was 'invalid' according to sky. So I am trying to clear my line of all tags, etc.

Anyway, I have escalated my situation twice over the phone with sky, wrote letters to customer complaints, shouted, sent emails, etc. But I am not really getting anywhere with my request and my account remains in a frozen state without clear information of why and when this will be cleared.

Hence, I was wondering if you guys could direct me in the right direction of how I can get this issue solved. By the way I am opting for the base package and my router has been sent to me.

many thanks for your help.