Can anyone please offer advice on this please before I give up.

Got Sky Mid in and it worked fine for a good 2-3 months, connecting at just under 4000kbps with very few errors. (attn is 60, SNR was sitting at 7-9 at this speed)

About 2 weeks ago I started getting loads of errors, frequent disconnects and when rebooting it was syncing at anything from 400kbps upwards with poor SNR's showing.

BT have already been out and replaced junction box outside, and put in a new drop cable from there into the master socket as they found a fault on the cable.

This last couple of days I've started getting some noise on the line occassionally when broadband problems start, but BT have done numerous line tests and say no fault with line, and if they come out and find nothing they'll charge for callout.

Sky have now closed 3 ticket's with Tier 3, saying that line okay, and I'd have to put up with poor connection speeds. They are still saying that when my line was connected at 416kbps and still getting disconnects and loads of errors showing.

Today it has started losing broadband connection whenever a phone call is made. Again it sync's at low speed. When call is finished and I reboot router it sync's at a higher speed again.

I am currently in the test socket and have been for 3 weeks now. Only got broadband and 1 phone connected into test socket via a filter.
Have tried 3 different filters, including a filtered faceplate. Tried 3 different phones today in case there was a phone fault. Also currently using a new router that sky sent last week. Tried ethernet and phone cable as well.

I'm certain that its nothing internal now, unless the master socket itself it faulty.

My 4th ticket is now awaiting 'BT Escalations' to look at it, even though they've closed the last 2 without ringing me back.

Can anyone offer any sort of advice / confirmation that this is likely to be a BT line problem, or is there anything else I could try that I've not done yet.

Sorry for long post. Up until 2/3 weeks ago I was very impressed with Sky, but as of today I'm getting quite sick of it.