Hi folks,

For months now I've been using newsleecher with absolutely no problems at all. However for the past week when its set away to do its business the netgear router loses sync after about 5 secs, it drops out, reboots (I'm using Mossywells app) and then syncs to the xchange again as normal. As soon as it starts downloading again - it loses sync... the whole process starts again.

Everything else is fine, I'm on a constant 512 kbps with db running between 10.3 and 9.2. Ordinary downloads and updates are fine. I can browse too with no problems. It seems that this one app is the only one I have problems with.

There has been no changes made to my system, I'm using windows Vista firewall and McAfees firewall is disabled - as I said previously apart from this week newsleecher was fine.
Any ideas guys?