I've been away from these forums for a while and now that I'm back I believe the world of LLU and MAC has changed. Previously I wasn't willing to switch to Sky because, even though UK Online would give me a MAC code, Sky couldn't actually use it and were requiring a total cease and reconnect to move across.

I had a call from a Sky rep about a month ago asking if I wanted to sign up and I explained my reservations (I won't do it unless you can do a MAC transfer that will give me only a few hours of service disruption during the switchover). To my surprise she said yeah, that's fine, just get the MAC code from UK Online and it'll be a same day switchover. In theory I now have my order entered into the Sky system and my router allocated ever since that phone call and Sky are waiting for me to give them the UK Online MAC but I haven't requested it yet because I'm still nervous as to whether this does all now work as seamlesly as they claim.

Has anyone changed from UK Online to Sky recently using a MAC code and did you indeed get same day switchover and, if so, how many hours were you offline for during the day of the switchover?

- Julian