All the tier one's are shuddering reading this.

Here's the facts:

1. Vista supports WPA from bare bones installation ie. that key on ur router WILL WORK

2. If u can see the network, u don't phone sky (change the channel if it doesn't ask for a key when u wanna connect)

3. If u can see the network and it's a laptop (push the wireless button on the laptop)

4. If the wireless light on the router is off, reset router, still no light call sky.

5. Security Center (american) in any Microsoft OS is a wonderful tool. It will reveal firewalls you didn't even know existed on ur PC. If one is enabled and u don't know which one, get rid of it first

6. We have no idea when McAfee for vista will be available on our cds

7. Pay ur phonebill.. Funnily enough, if u don't pay BT they make it as awkward as possible for u to have any fun

8. Connect button greyed out when u try to connect to network? Ethernet to router and change the SSID. Every Vista OS has it's own characteristics, before sky would try to remove preferred networks but further investigation reveals that this doesn't always wipe the wireless cache.

9. ur first reference should always be microsoft. 08705 010100 btw.

10. Don't know where ur wireless switch is? Contact manufacturer

11. aquiring network address forever? turn off firewall and reboot PC. More extreme version if u don't want to connect to any other wireless networks: set a manual address.

12. Install telnet from windows CD

13. Yes you do have a windows CD

14. Don't know how to install? Try that number above

15. No wireless network detected or windows asks u to tell it what type of security? U just bought an upgrade of OS

finally 16. U r told the requested lookup key was not found? Stop stealing software and get a genuine copies of windows