I bought the router after reading multiple recommendations that it works with Sky. Unfortunately after an hour of trying I could not get the Internet Connection Wizard to connect me automatically.

DSL is up and showing VDSL2.

I followed an old guide on how to get it working and it still didn't work so I took matters in to my own hands.

I reconnected my old Hub and pulled all the WAN IP settings from it, that would be my WAN IP, Sky's Netmask, Sky's Gateway IP and both of Sky's DNS addresses. Then I went back to the Asus, in WAN Settings I edited the PVC and set the following options

Wan Type - VDSL WAN (PTM)
Connection Type - Static IP

PVC Settings
Enable WAN - Yes
Route - 1
UPNP - Yes

Enable - Yes
WLAN ID - 101

WAN IP Settings
IP - The address I pulled from the Sky Hub
Netmask - Pulled from the Sky Hub
Gateway - Pulled from the Sky Hub

DNS 1 & 2 - Both pulled from the hub and verified as Sky's public DNS

After I hit apply the router connected within 20 seconds and everything is now working.

My worry is that I am forcing a static IP address so if the address changes my router will lose its connection, right?

Is there something I'm missing here, why can't it connect using the wizard but connects fine when I manually specify the information?

Any input would be appreciated.