You need try what shock said above.

Have you tried it?

"I have a vigor 130 just set it up as usual

with the asus the backend support is in the stock firmware for sky it just isnt exposed in the web interface
(e.g. its there for the dsl series)

anyway get your sky details as usual enable telnet on you router and telnet in


nvram set wan_clientid_type="0" nvram set wan0_clientid_type="0" nvram set wan_clientid="0123456789123@skydsl|12345678" nvram set wan0_clientid="0123456789123@skydsl|12345678" nvram set wan_vendorid="2.91.2110.R|001|SR102|A5001000000000 " nvram set wan0_vendorid="2.91.2110.R|001|SR102|A500100000000 0" nvram commit reboot

once the old router expires at the*dhcp*server it will start working if you set it up properly
to confirm that the asus is sending the*dhcpoption telnet in and type ps
you will see -x 61 for the clientid and -V for the vendorid"