Afternoon all, am I jumping the gun here?

After being on Sky Fibre unlimited (40/10) for the last year, I placed my notice of cancellation for my Sky package (TV, landline and Fibre) as no decent retention deals were being offered.

I called Sky the day after my service ceased and they offered a decent enough 'come back to Sky' price, so took it up. Go live date was yesterday, but the connection was 'working' from Friday night.

I'm anticipating 10 days of ups and downs, but I'm not sure if what I'm experiencing is normal or not.

I'm syncing at 67824 down, and about 16000 up, and this falls within the higher range of expectations (as I'm 1.2 miles from the exchange).

The issue is the connection is dropping and reconnecting every 20 minutes or so, and the error rate (down) reported on my VR900 is 40k packets in the last 10 minutes alone. Just before I rebooted my VR900 earlier, it was reporting 1.7 million packets lost over the last 3 days.

Using both 2.4 and 5ghz bands on my Android phone, is reporting a download speed of between 10Mbps and about 22Mbps, and around 16Mbps up. Ethernet isn't giving me much more (25 up, 16 down).

This is annoying, as a week ago when I was on Fibre Unlimited I was syncing at a full 40Mbos/10Mbps, achieving around 35 to 37 down and 10 up (over WiFi and Ethernet), and was expecting things to get better and not worse with Fibre Max.

Do I need to wait it out, or is there something glaringly wrong here?