May be of interest but I recently upgraded from sky fibre unlimited to pro. My cabinet is supposedly ECI based. Following the upgrade the sr102 would sync at 55mb. I wanted to use a better router so I bought a d7000. The router itself was easy to setup and took very little effort. Without the mac address spoof it would not logon. The issue came about where I found it was only syncing at 48mb. I spoke with netgear about it but absolutely no help. They kept thinking I was on wireless so was seeing speed drop regardless of how many times I pointed out I was trying to resolve a VDSL sync rate issue...hopeless..
Sky arranged a visit from bt engineer as they could see the sr102 would only sync at 55 when my profile was set to 80mb down. All line tests were normal but bt engineer said due to my location from cabinet the best sync rate I could get was 53-55mb. Believed to be about 600m away frot the cabinet.

So after a lot messing about I bought a TP link VR900 - on the first logon it was at 55mb, the same as the sr102. The vr900 was very easy to configure with little effort. All I needed was the sky user name and password and again it would not logon until I entered the mac address. So far so good and after comparing the wireless coverage in my house of both 2.4 and 5 ghz I don't believe I am seeing any difference between the 2 routers. Its handy the vr900 can also support a router only mode if required so if you wanted to have play with a bt modem you can do this and utilise the wan port.

The vr900 has the basic info you need

Line Status:
DSL Modulation Type:
Annex Type:
Upstream Downstream
Current Rate(kbps) 20000 55564
Max Rate(kbps) 21711 55986
SNR Margin(dB) 6.4 6.2
Line Attenuation(dB) 14.1 11.1

Maybe the d7000 has a fault, seems unlikely being brand new but my feeling is its probably an issue between the routers chipset/software with my ECI based cabinet up the street..

Hope it might be of interest to anyone considering a 3rd party router..