My setup on Sky consisted of an unlocked HG612 modem connected to the BT filtered master socket and the SR102 plugged into the HG612 modem. I have opted to continue with this setup with the move to BT.

As per the title my switch took place on the 21st October. There was only 15 minutes downtime from the time that I saw the connection drop on the Sky SR102 which I then disconnected from the HG612 and then replaced it with the HH5 ver B.

I have been participating in the Samknows Whitebox trial for the last 12 months so can confirm that my average downstream speed whilst on Sky to be 70Mbps. Since connecting to BT the average speed has been 64Mbps

The HH5 has been stable since being connected and the wireless signal strength/range has shown a slight improvement over that of the SR102.

I hope that this post proves useful for anyone considering a move from Sky to BT.