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    Router/modem advice for upcoming Fibre Unlimited upgrade

    This is a discussion on Router/modem advice for upcoming Fibre Unlimited upgrade within the Sky Broadband (Fibre) Help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Hi guys, New here, was hoping for some advice regarding my upcoming upgrade to Fibre Unlimited and my router/modem setup. ...

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      Router/modem advice for upcoming Fibre Unlimited upgrade

      Hi guys,

      New here, was hoping for some advice regarding my upcoming upgrade to Fibre Unlimited and my router/modem setup.

      From what I've read I'm under the assumption that this will not be "true" fibre as it is delivering fibre to the exchange then along the same copper cabling my current broadband is delivered in to my property? I don't have a separate modem or any installed fibre connection coming in to my property that I'm aware of. So really what I'd like to know is:

      - What is the best router/modem setup for my connection? I currently have a Sky Hub SR102 which I understand doesn't offer gigabit capabilities. I had a look at some other threads and kind of liked the look of the Netgear D7000-100UKS as it offers both in one, but was wondering what other options there may be? I'd also like to be able to use OpenVPN if possible.
      - What steps will I have to take to be able to use any suggested router/modem with my Sky Fibre connection? I understand that I may have to 'spoof' my router's MAC address, but would I also need to do anything such as uploading a custom firmware, or finding out my Sky connection credentials?
      - Should I try and get a router/modem upgrade prior to my line being upgraded, so the SR102 isn't even used on the new connection? Or can I do it after the upgrade has taken place and it won't make a difference? It's in 2 days so I'd have to act pretty fast if I were to do this.
      - Sky are estimating that the download speed my line could support will be between 40.0 and 40.0 Mb (go figure, that's what it says on the letter!), and I should expect a guaranteed access line speed of 36.1 Mb. I live in Greater London, East and apparently I'm "approximately 1.98km from the exchange" (according to this site) in straight line distance. Do you think this estimate is accurate? Other than upgrading my router are there any other steps I can take to ensure I get the maximum possible throughput on my line? Currently my router says I'm getting 7488 kbps downstream and 625 kbps upstream (see screenshot). A test says 6.22 Mbps down speed and 0.51 Mbps upspeed (see other screenshot), using an ethernet connection on my Mac through a TP-Link Gigabit switch connected to my Sky Hub SR102. Phone line runs out of a room at the end of my garden, in to the the main house and then onwards out of the property.

      Really appreciate it if you got this far, would love to hear back! Can't wait for better speeds, been suffering with slow net for years
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      Re: Router/modem advice for upcoming Fibre Unlimited upgrade

      Welcome to the forum.

      FTTC or Fibre To The Cabinet is what is in general use now. Fibres are fed from the exchange to a cabinet somewhere near your home, they are usually large green units sitting on the pavement. At this point your copper pair which goes back to the exchange is routed through this fibre cabinet and the broadband signal is then coupled into the copper that then feeds onto your house; this means that the broadband VDSL signal only travels between the cabinet and your house, not the exchange and your house.

      There are other methods such as FTTP/H where the fibre comes all the way to your premises or home, or FTTn which is where the fibre goes to the telegraph pole or duct outside your home, the latter is under trial presently in a few areas.

      Taking your questions out of order...

      You will need to extract your username/password , option 60 string and your WAN Mac address.

      I would wait until after your fibre is installed before replacing the SR102, if there is an issue with your connection Sky support will not help you if you have a third party router connected, if it all locks correctly and you are obtaining the speed promised the go ahead and plug in your new router.

      There are several methods of obtaining the details needed to configure a third party router, there is a thread specifically for this on the forum:

      Extracting Sky Router passwords

      As for the D7000 I'm biased but there are several you can chose from, however they ALL have pros and cons, there is also the option of using an OpenReach modem and separate router.

      Have a read of the forum with regards to other routers there's a lot of discussion and useful feedback. Don't rush and get something though, do your research.
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