Afternoon people,

Now I know that there have been a number of threads on this, and I've spent the last few hour's going through most of them, but I'm still left with a couple of questions that I can't seem to answer so I hope people don't mind me bringing them up again.

So, I have Sky Fiber Unlimited with the following setup:
Socket - BT Openreach box - Sky Hub SR101 - Switch + powerline to other devices.

The problem I'm having is that the Sky Hub is just not capable of dealing with all the various devices I have connected throughout the house at once, especially when all the phones and tablets start attaching themselves also. Things connect to the Sky Hub and say they have an internet connection but nothing happens...

Anyway the result is I would like to replace the Sky Hub with a more capable router, I have the Asus RT-68U in mind as it has AC wifi which 90% of my stuff has, and gets good reviews. In a previous thread answered by Scubbie Link, there was a mention of three options:

  1. Use the SR102 and a Cable router, setting the SR102 to send al the traffic directly to your cable router using the DMZ Server setting
  2. Purchase a BTO Modem off somewhere such as eBay and also use your own cable router with a customer firmware
  3. Use a router with a built-in VDSL Modem

I don't really want to do 1 as it causes some issues with NAT addressing and things,
Option 2 looks like what I'm thinking of doing as the modems I can find that can do option 3 are limited and even the Asus N66U (which looks okay) does not have the AC capability...

Thus, If I go down the route (no Pun intended) of option 2, do I have to have buy a router that can take a custom firmware to make it work? Will the RT-AC68U communicate with the BT Openreach box? I know I will need to get my user info from the current box and have downloaded wireshark to do this, but I'm still left with the question, is the AC68U able to connect to the BTO box using its WAN port?

Anyone's help is most appreciated, as I'm going round in circles at the mo.

Thanks in advance