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Yes it is. The max theoretical throughput on the Sky hub over wifi is 72 Mbps but in the real world it will never reach that sort of speed.

The best wifi speed I can get on my laptop is around 49 Mbps with my non-Sky router which has much better wifi than a Sky hub.
My Mac and SR102 claimed I was syncing at 140Mbps, but I couldn't get more than 20Mbps over wifi (ethernet I could get the full 40Mbps). With laptops, iPad, phones, etc. I've got ~10 devices in my house trying to use the Wifi, and the Sky SR101/102 just couldn't cope - even at close range.

I've replaced the SR102 with a Trendnet TEW-812DRU 802.11ac router + a BT fibre modem (both of which I got off ebay). Configured it using the instructions posted elsewhere - the TEW-812DRU has open source firmware DD-WRT which can connect to sky fibre if you know the username and password (which you can get through Wireshark).

Overall I'm very pleased with the results!