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    Sky Hub SR101 - Wired Fine But Wireless At A Complete Halt.

    This is a discussion on Sky Hub SR101 - Wired Fine But Wireless At A Complete Halt. within the Sky Broadband (Fibre) Help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Morning All, I am having a bit of a problem with my sky fibre hub which has just recently started ...

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      Sky Hub SR101 - Wired Fine But Wireless At A Complete Halt.

      Morning All,

      I am having a bit of a problem with my sky fibre hub which has just recently started to happen. Ill try to explain the best as i can as its a bit of an odd situation.

      Basically my main PC is connected to the Sky Hub via an Ethernet which runs absolutely perfect as does everything else that is connected to the hub via cable (PS3, Main Gaming Computer). I am getting The full 40mb Etc so no problems there, the problem lies with the wireless side of things.

      Until recently the wireless has been working perfectly for the devices connected (Wii, second Xbox360, Apple Mac, Ipad, smart phones, 3 Laptops). However at random times throughout the day the wireless comes to a complete halt, and i mean A COMPLETE HALT to the point where i cant even log in to the sky hub via anything that's connected wireless. This is affecting all wireless devices including the wireless consoles (cant connect to xbox live during the problem and the nintendo Wii just throws a complete wobbler). last night i thought id try and see if i was even communicating with the router so i tried to ping (which is the sky hubs ip) and i was getting crazy high response times of 1800ms and even higher on some occasions. Just to be clear, when this random problem happens it could take up to 4 mins for Google to even load.

      If this helps:

      Ive done a ton of trouble shooting including changing between all 13 channels (even though only 1,6 and 11 are any good) disabling WPS on the hub, disconnecting all wireless devices apart from one (testing all wireless with this method), changing security type, disabling UPNP and re enabling it. changing the wireless key. deleting all wireless profiles from the devices and connecting again. and finally i even tried a factory reset of the sky hub, which of course, didnt work at all.

      this is my SECOND hub from sky as my first one decided that it would not initiate a connection with the VDSL modem no matter what i tried. This current hub has been spot on until recently when the problem developed.

      I'm concerned that the wireless is about to go on this sky hub and really don't want to ring sky up to ask for a new one unless i absolutely have to so any help on the matter would be GREATLY appreciated.

      Just to be clear all devices that are connected via an Ethernet are unaffected.

      Any Ideas?

      Thank you to anyone in advance.

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      Re: Sky Hub SR101 - Wired Fine But Wireless At A Complete Halt.

      My first thoughts are to look for some outside interference which may be causing you problems. The difficulty is getting something to report on the 2.4GHz channels and report back to you. Various devices work on the same 2.4GHz frequencies which are used my WiFi and something could well be broadcasting for a short period at a strength which knocks everything out.

      The kind of things which can affect this are microwave ovens, some DECT phones, baby monitors and a variety of other things too.

      I would also look at the possibility of a radio amatuer keying up as well.

      inSSIDer is unlikely to pick this up. You will need some such as Chanalyzer if you cannot locate the problem:

      Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzer by MetaGeek, makers of inSSIDer | MetaGeek

      Unfortunately it isn't cheap.

      You might get lucky by searching around for a local firm which can help to identify the source for you.

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      Previously Sky Fibre & Sky BB since 2010.

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      Re: Sky Hub SR101 - Wired Fine But Wireless At A Complete Halt.

      Wow they've really jacked up the price of the DBX.

      Some of the Mikrotik routers can do spectrum scanning, the RB751-2nHD can on 2.4ghz, Not sure about the cheaper RB-951, you'll need "The Dude" to do it.

      Routers running UBNT AIROS can also do it.



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