I have tried to move from BT Infinity to Sky Fibre and am very surprised and extremely frustrated that Sky Fibre is not working after almost a week.Migration date was Weds 12th Dec. BT Openreach (BTO) engineer came at 9am and switched out the BT Hub for the Sky Hub, then we both tested the connection using SpeedTest and the like. All was done in less than 10 mins and BTO engineer left. By 10am Sky Fibre internet connection was lost. Since then it has never worked again!!!

Initially the DSL connection on the Openreach modem was off for most of the Weds, but then came back on again about 6pm. However, the Sky Hub still wouldn't make a connection - no smilie internet face light. It has never made a connection since. If I log onto the Hub, it just says connecting.

I'm getting nowhere with Sky Fibre support and wondered if anyone has any suggestions I can put to them of things to check or try?