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Firstly what is 'stuttering' and what is the source of the content?

If it is off the Internet, just how many are streaming video, for example, at the same time?

Personally I would recommend a wired connection where possible. The Apple TV, WDTV, TV & Blu-Ray would benefit from a wired connection.

If you consider that only one item can send the data at a time over the WiFi channel, whether it is one of your devices or a neighbour's, then you can start to understand some of the issues.

In my case I have connected the Sky Hub to a 1Gbit Network switch with an Ethernet cable. From there everything runs on a 1Gbit network, but many devices only have a 100mb adaptor, so they don't get the full benefits. I have a couple of other switches, TV, HT, a couple of NAS and a couple of desktops wired up too. There are some devices which use the WiFi, such as my laptops.

If you can't run the Ethernet cable in a tidy fashion around the room (don't forget about trunking to hide it in), consider a wall socket and running a lead up through the loft to a Network Switch, with a different lead back down to a 2nd point.

HomePlugs are good. Easy to set up and often very reliable. Some people have had issues with the faster speeds though. I have found that I need around an 8-10mb/s connection speed on my broadband to stream HD content to my TV. A 200mbps HomePlug is more than capable of supporting this.
Thanks for the feedback

Prob gonna have to be powerline adapters to ensure decent ththroughput all video being streamed is directly off a nas and could be up to 3 clients simultaneously. I guess I'll struggle to get decent wifi coverage to all 3 with casual surfing at the same time regardless of what router I'd choose
Yeah would live to go wired but just not feasible

have a gigabit switch ill run the nas, pc and home plug off and that'll have to do.