I've had Sky Fibre installed since April and so far, have had no disconnections or problems (other then the odd power cut which isn't down to the actual connection). But tonight I suddenly lost internet connection, when I logged into the router it still showed my stats as "39998kbps / 10000kbps" although the Tx B/s Rx B/s were both reading "0".

So I decided to reboot the router through the Diagnostics page. When reboot completed, I went into the settings again and it showed me not syncing at anything, "0kbps / 0kbps" with the message that their was no broadband connection.

I left it 10 minutes and decided to physically turn the router off, I didn't touch the BTO modem. When I switched it back on, I gave it a few seconds and low and behold I was connected again at "39998kbps / 10000kbps". Is this something I should be concerned over? It just seemed pretty strange that the router would randomly do this.