Hi there,

I wondered if anyone will be able to advise me here about a issue Im having with Sky Fibre.

Basically I have a solid stable FTTC line which syncs at 17Mb/s down perfectly without any dropouts or issues.

The problem is, whenever there is a local area power loss or outage, my line always comes back up at half speed (around 7-8Mb) and will not shift up unless I call Sky to send out a Openreach engineer who simply asks someone at a call centre to reset the profile.

This is extremely frustrating having to phone Sky and arrange an engineer appointment just for them to call someone else to reset it.

I have had my line tested extensively and the modem and socket have been replaced in attempt to solve the issue.

Resetting the modem or power cycling has no effect on restoring the speed back to its stable form.

Does anyone have any experience with this sort of issue and if so what can be done to resolve this?

Thanks in advance!