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Cheers for the useful info thank you.

Guess we'll all find out April 12th what Sky are offering.

I had seen the 30mb guarantee (80mb product) from BT if the service is experiencing local congestion, but I didn't take it as it being something that happens very often, or necessarily an indicator of things to come, should we read more into it you think ? eg BT are reaching capacity.
There has also been reports of Sky users on here suffering peak time problems but Sky offer no such guarantees...maybe i'll have a look around thinkbroadband and see what the consensus is.

As someone who doesn't use torrents i'm not really wary of BT unless they are getting too congested and normal traffic is affected which is what i'd like to know.

The use of ones own router is also a biggie for me aswell, having 3 pieces of hardware and 3 layers of NAT is unacceptable just to be able to use a decent wireless network so isn't an option for me nor is it elegant or environmentally friendly.
One VDSl modem/router is really what id strive for, or failing that the OR modem and a decent cable router with QoS.

Anyway thanks again for the replies and looking forward to seeing whats in store after April 12th.
The minimum throughput of 30Mb on the 80Mb product you mention is what all providers will be guaranteed at peak times because it's BTO that have set the threshold. So that's 30Mb over the fibre back to the exchange; not usable bandwidth if the congestion lies elsewhere.