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    FTTP on sky?

    This is a discussion on FTTP on sky? within the Sky Broadband (Fibre) Help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; If Sky did offer it I imagine it would be like Connect. ie, A rebadged BT package. You never know, ...

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      Re: FTTP on sky?

      If Sky did offer it I imagine it would be like Connect. ie, A rebadged BT package. You never know, they might offer it, but going by their performance with FTTC and the time it has taken them to get that up and running, I wouldn't hold my breath.


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      Re: FTTP on sky?

      Quote Originally Posted by bhavinshah88 View Post
      Well my immediate thought is that it's because it's essentially a completely different product, which means it has all the usual issues (the economics of offering it, technical, marketing etc). The FTTC infrastructure, on the other hand, is already well and truly in place/being rolled out.
      The FTTC infrastructure is in place but FTTP just "sits" on top of it by taking fibre from the cabinet which just has to be run along with the existing copper after installing new ducts. The only real problem is the cost of doing an FTTP install and whether it's passed on to the customer or not.

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      Re: FTTP on sky?

      I know there's a planned upgrade on offer for those with FTTC in the future but some places have been set to get both, which means some streets will have a new cab and FTTC, others with FTTP won't as a new cab is not needed, obviously theres a bit more work to connect the fibre all the way to the house but as far as the exchange is concerned it all eventually travels over fibre so i can't see the issue, it might cost a bit more to install but surely that all, it's not like we're asking for more speed just the chance to keep using sky.

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      Re: FTTP on sky?

      Initially BTO were installing FTTC or FTTP in exchanges. Later some exchanges were enabled to provide both.

      In recent months BTO stated that they would, for a large fee, provide FTTP in places where FTTC was available. On top of this you will need to pay a larger monthly rental if you had BT infinity, for example.

      As for sky offering FTTP, there is no information to the best of my knowledge available as to when Sky will launch an FTTP product. However I would not rule this out for a surprise in April or within a few months.

      An important factor will be the router. All the current Sky routers support a 100Mb LAN. It would be totally unsuitable to supply a Sagem 2504N, for example, on a 300Mb FTTP connection. The trials in Harrow used a different (non-sky) router.

      There are several stories circulating about a new router from Sky. Various specs have been mentioned, but no launch date. So for now we can't say what is happening.

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