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I was connected to the Sky Max broadband package in October, and went through an initial phase of about a month with terrible speeds and a constantly dropping connection. After numerous fruitless (and very long) calls to the hopeless 'fob off' Indian based call centre, I got nowhere, put up with it for a while and it gradually improved. Over the last 3 weeks I have experienced speeds that get slower and slower until I get 'Page Cannot Be Dispayed' messages on Internet Explorer. I unplug my modem, power it back up again, and hey presto I have my Internet connection back (sometimes it takes a few goes at this).
your problem sound like a line problem (chances being at your house rather than a BT line problem)
just out of interest, when you were speaking to sky, what did they ask you to do, and did this improve your connection ?

which router do you have and could you post some router stats ?