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    sky useless sky

    This is a discussion on sky useless sky within the Sky Broadband feedback forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; well wot can i say ive had sky for 3 weeks had no problems with activation date or any of ...

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      sky useless sky

      well wot can i say ive had sky for 3 weeks had no problems with activation date or any of that the first week wos great hitting some goods speeds on the downloads i had few connection problems in that first week but i thought it mite be down to teethin problems which wernt the case since the first week ive had to reboot the router up to 30 times a day always loosin connections then a reboot and 5 mins later the same probs i contacted sky still waitin for there so called level 3 tier to ring me i also got them to send me a new router but that didnt fix the probs. ive been readin this forum for say the last week and i noticed that 99% of u lot are havin same probs.the sky technical team in manila couldnt answer my single question i ask her like for 40 mins why do i loose internet connection she couldnt answer so i wos hopin that someone in these forums mite be able to answer my simple question

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      In my case it was because my router was syncing too fast.

      What happens is that router has a default SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) target of 6.9dB and it will sync at the fastest speed whilst still meeting this target.

      Trouble is that 6.9dB is quite an optimistic target, and the SNR goes up and down throughout the day.

      What happens is that you reboot and it syncs at the speed which relates to a 6.9dB target. But then, if your SNR fall (as it does frequently) your router is synching too fast which leads to TCP/IP errors (slows down your internet) and if it drops too low, failure to reach the server and the disconnection.

      There are two approaches you can take ...

      (i) Contact Sky Support and eventually Tier 3 will call you. I suspect they will cap the speed that your router syncs at. This ensures that even if the SNR drops it does not cause packet loss. Tell them you want to try capping it a little at a time and try each for a day or so - once you have contact with Tier 3 they will be happy to call you regularly.

      (ii) You cannot change the default SNR target (the one you get at reboot) but you can change the current one yourself. This is a bit techie - you need to use URL injection but it is fairly straightforward. This allows you set the current SNR target to a percentage of the default. So setting it to 150% sets your SNR target to 10.35. The router will then sync at a lower rate but should be more stable. You can experiment to find the setting which gives the fastest stable connection. Note that if you do a reboot then your setting is lost and the target goes back to 6.9

      I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to discuss URL injection here, so can't print the command here just yet.

      If you want to know more you could either PM me or join the technical section of the forum.



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      You cant discuss the injection here, but if you read this and follow the instructions, you can discuss it there till the cows come home
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