Hi Guys

Bit of an age old question but I have a bit of experience in this area with other ISPs and hence would like to know the best route with Sky..

Back when I had a TalkTalk LLU package I established a good speed initially at around 12Mb and this seemed to be as good as I was getting. It dropped a bit to 8Mb after a settling period. I managed to speak to 2nd Tier Support and they fiddled around and got me back up to 12Mb.

With Sky, when I first established my connection I was getting 17Mb solid with great reliability. This continued for over a year.

Recently, as in the last few months it's dropped to 12Mb and although I appreciate this is still good, I'd rather I tried all options open to me to get it back up as high as possible.

Any suggestions who I speak to or email address to send this on to?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: apologies for some reason I posted this in completely the wrong section