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    Anytime+ cable used by Sky

    This is a discussion on Anytime+ cable used by Sky within the Sky Anytime + forums, part of the Sky On Demand category; Does anyone know what type of cable Sky are using when installing anytime+ with a wired connection? Spoke to an ...

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      Anytime+ cable used by Sky

      Does anyone know what type of cable Sky are using when installing anytime+ with a wired connection?

      Spoke to an installer the other day who was refusing to do a run of cable over 10 metres because it "probably wouldn't work". I said that if it was ethernet then it shouldn't be a problem.

      He then said it wasn't ethernet cable they were using but something similar so he couldn't be sure it would work. He said they had been advised not to do long runs as they would be prone to problems.

      So if Sky are advising people doing self-installs to use ethernet cable what are they getting their installers to use?

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      Re: Anytime+ cable used by Sky

      The installer was talking BS, it is a standard ethernet from the router to the receiver, and can easily run upto 200m which is more than enough for most houses.

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      Re: Anytime+ cable used by Sky

      I don't think Sky are supposed to run long Ethernet cables for people. You'd have to do this yourself or take the homeplugs/wifi route.

      I might be wrong. It will be interesting if someone can clarify this.

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      Re: Anytime+ cable used by Sky

      Sky say in their instructions -
      You may find, for example, that if your Sky+HD box is in the living room but your Sky Broadband Router is in a study or bedroom, that a long cable is required. If this is the case, you may prefer to choose a wireless set up instead.
      That may give the installer the impression that long cables should not be used, but it is rubbish. Cat 5 and 6 cable is effective up to 100Metres, over that crosstalk will occur and degrade the signal. I suppose it is possible Sky installers, they keep calling them "engineers", are using ordinary telephone cable with RJ45s on the ends. That would restrict the usable length.


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      Re: Anytime+ cable used by Sky

      Please don't say that some are using telephone line for Ethernet cables! That would be a terrible idea.

      For the OP's reference, Ethernet cable is really cheap at the moment. 10m Cat 5 cable costs under 5. You can buy it in pre-cut lengths of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 15, 20 or 50m.

      Cat 6 isn't required in your current setup and is a little more expensive. It is more for networks that support 1Gbit. The Sky+ HD STB has only a 100Mb connector.

      If direct cabling isn't suitable, then do look at HomePlugs. They start from around 35. Aim for a pair that support a 100mbps or 200mbps connection. Also a pair that has a pass-through socket, so that you can plug somethings else into them. They don't work well on surge protected extensions, but tend to be fine in the main socket, with such an extension running from the through socket.

      HomePlugs also can have problems if your household wiring is not very good.

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      Re: Anytime+ cable used by Sky

      I've installed a 100m Cat5 cable at my sons home, then extended that with a further 50m using a LAN switch. No problems at all. Maybe the installer didn't want to install a long cable because he couldn't be bothered. Or maybe Sky take the view a long cable could be a hazard. In my home I use a mix of Cat5 and Homeplug without any problem. Networking is one of the more robust functions!



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