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That's correct, I use the 200 Mbps ones and they have 100 Mbps ethernet ports. I do see via the usage monitor that when I had 6 of them dotted around my last house that they were all communicating at circa 150 Mbps.

The next ones I get will be have Gigabit ethernet on them, and ideally also extend the wifi network. But that's only for streaming HD content.
I had a pair of the slower plugs to connect my Squeezebox (streaming audio) and then used it with my sons x-box. Any streaming video through x-box live (Sky player etc) was very poor. Upgraded to a pair of the 200 Mbps and the difference is quite noticeable - no lag at all. i bought a third home plug that has a wirless extender as well as an ethernet port on it as parts of my house has poor signal and had that connected to my blu ray player via until recently when I pinched it for Sky Anytime+.

The wireless I use to connect my Squeezebox now and it is excellent.

Cannot recommend Homeplugs enough myself but i do have a newish (10 yo) house so the ring mains should be ok.