Ok I know that we can't promote Peer to Peer copying of illegal material for which we haven't the right to have, but here is a dilemma for you to think about...

You program your Sky box to record an item on a subscription channel and all apparently goes well. The item appears on the planner and you get on with other things.

A couple of weeks later you go to watch it, but you find that something did go wrong with it and you can't watch your recording. Ok you think, there is the On Demand section and Box Sets. You take a look and what you wanted to watch is either no longer there or it wasn't there is the first place.

Now what do you do?

Do you:

  1. wait until it is repeated in perhaps 6 months or a year
  2. search the Internet to see it it has been released on DVD (paying anything from 15-60 just to watch the one episode, but you have to get the whole series) only to find it isn't available yet
  3. search your favourite torrent site, download the item and watch it tonight
  4. something else