thinkbroadband :: UK triple play market continues to bubble away
Since 2006 the UK had a lot of competition in the dual-play arena, but the number of offers for triple play products has escalated in the last few months, and the latest offer from TalkTalk continues the battle for our TV viewing spend.

The Plus TV service which is based around a core unlimited downloads ADSL2+ service and a YouView box receiving both FreeView transmissions and IPTV content over the broadband connection is currently being promoted by TalkTalk as free for the first 3 months including access to six Sky channels (including Sky One) during the free period. The pre-requisite of voice line rental at 14.95 (or 9.50/month if paying a year in advance) is still required.

The free broadband saves the equivalent of 15.50 per month, and the normal price of the TV Starter Boost is 5 per month. TalkTalk claims to offer 69 channels that BT does not, and has various Sky Movies, Sports and other boosts ranging from 5 per month to 40 per month.