I'm currently on a 2 mix (20/month) package with 5 Sky Talk and 10 Broadband Max. Coupled with the BT line rental at 13, I need to save some cash so phoned up to cancel. I have been with them 2 years.

They offered me free line rental for a year and Sky+ free, with a 60 installation. They didn't offer me any discount on my monthly bill, but said that if I drop to broadband Mid I can save 5 a month.

However broadband Mid has a 40gb/month limit, which I may be near. So I emailed tech to ask my monthly usage and they replied saying Sky has no way to know how much data I use! So does this mean that the 40gb is not enforced anyhow?

Q is - should I give it a go again and push for more, or bearing in mind I don't have premium packages (movies/sports) is this as good as I'm likely to get? Also will I get into trouble fast if I use 41gb?

My alternative is to drop to freeview & take out 02 broadband at 7.50 (unlimited) but I still have to find another call provider at 5 and then have to pay BT rental at 13 so with this, I'm getting Sky TV which I enjoy for very little more. I can sell my Humax Freeview PVR to pay for the Sky+ install.

Cheers guys,