I'm a existing Sky customer, and was recently sent a leaflet offering me and a friend free Sky+, when the friend signs up as a new customer to any of Sky's packages. I'd really like Sky+, but I've been put off in the past by the 99 cost of the box, which isn't too bad, but the main thing putting me off has been the 60 (for existing customers) installation fee. The thing is I don't know anyone at the moment that wants to sign up for Sky (sound a right billy no mates don't I?!), so I had the idea of posting a thread here to see if anyone was thinking of signing up with Sky, and could be tempted by a Free Sky+ box.

The small print of the offer reads as follows - the new customer needs to have signed up by July 28th, and have arranged an installation by 28th August, and the only cost being a one off 30 installation fee, which if I remember correctly, Sky add to your monthly bill.

So, if anyone is thinking of signing up for Sky and would like a free Sky+ box, then just PM me.