thinkbroadband :: O2 DSL customer base continues to shrink
O2 and Be has shown a quarter on quarter reduction in fixed broadband customer numbers for some time, but the last quarter when some 40,700 customers left was worse than usual. If the number of O2/Be customers looking for a new provider on our forums after the purchase by BSkyB was announced is representative of the general feeling then that may be the main factor, but that is only speculation. The reduction in numbers has previously been attributed to the lack of super fast fibre based services on the O2 and Be platform.

The number of fixed line broadband customers at the end of March 2013 stood at 519,400, which with the results from Sky announced the other day suggests that BSkyB is just shy of the magic five million broadband customers by around 50,000 connections.

The notion that the reduction in customer numbers is not solely down to the takeover is somewhat supported by the fact that the Home Telephone service which was also bought by BSkyB gained 7,100 customers.