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    He Said Hed Be Back

    This is a discussion on He Said Hed Be Back within the NOW TV forums, part of the Other Sky help and support category; NOW TV today reveals it was acceptable in the 80s and it still is today as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s memorable line ...

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      He Said Hed Be Back

      NOW TV today reveals it was acceptable in the 80s and it still is today as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s memorable line “I’ll be back,” from The Terminator, has been voted the most iconic movie quote of all time. In new research1 released by the Internet TV service, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn,” from Gone With The Wind comes in second place and “Houston, we have a problem,” from Apollo 13 takes the third.

      Although the 1930s and 40s are often referred to as the Hollywood Golden Age, nearly one fifth (18%) of us consider the 80s to be the decade to have spawned the most inspiring movie quotes. Plastic earrings, shell suits and even back combed hair do little to put us off, with classic lines from The Terminator, Dirty Dancing and The Shining all featuring in the top ten.

      The NOW TV research also uncovered the perfect formula for an iconic movie quote as a balance of intelligence, wit and humour. Almost half (48%) of Brits think a movie quote is more enduring if it is clever, whilst a further 41% think a lasting one-liner should be witty and over one third (34%) think funny quotes ensures a memorable quip.

      Today’s blockbusters are already making an impact on movie history as a third (33%) of the nation voted“With great power comes great responsibility,” from Spider-Man the movie quote from recent years most likely to become iconic in the future. “Why so serious?” from The Dark Knight came in a close second with 21% of the vote.

      As film fanatics, we Brits are keen to bring our favourite movies into the real world as half (49%) of us say they use movie quotes in everyday conversation, with more than a quarter (28%) admitting they do so at least once every month.

      We have all wished we could be just like our movie heroes but some will go to greater lengths than others to make this dream a reality. 7% of men admit to trying to pass a movie quote off as their own words, as opposed to only 3% of women, and a further one in ten (11%) men have used a movie quote on a date to try and impress a girl. Men are also more likely to misquote a movie with 12% confessing that they have been caught out doing so.

      Simon Creasey from NOW TV said, “The research shows that movies have become a fundamental part of our everyday lives. We were surprised to see that 6% of the nation use movie quotes in business meetings at work, 4% slip movie quotes in at weddings and 3% even try quoting a movie to talk their way out of a parking ticket! Following this research, it will be interesting to see how many of us are able to catch our friends, family and colleagues using moviequotes in everyday conversation.”

      Regional film fanatics:

      • The conscientious people of Wolverhampton (19%) are most likely to take advice from a film and apply it to their own lives.
      • People from Swansea (9%) are most likely to try and pass a movie quote off as their ownwords.
      • Film lovers from Aberystwyth (17%) and Worcester (17%) are most likely to use a film quote in a meeting at work.

      Movie lovers can visit NOW TV today at and take up a 30-day free trial to watch some of the nation’s leading film quotes first hand and judge for themselves what current blockbusters will provide the iconic quotes of the future.

      NOW TV, powered by Sky, is currently available to anyone in the UK with a broadband connection across a wide range of connected devices. The free trial offers easy and flexible access to Sky Movies – the UK’s most popular subscription movies service – with hundreds of the latest movies available to view on demand a year before they become available on any other service.

      Log on to for more information.

      1Research conducted by OnePoll in August 2012 for NOW TV with a survey base of 2,000 respondents

      2Of the 10 recent movie quotes most likely to become iconic, the following are available to view on NOW TV with the 30-Day free trial:

      • Spider-Man (2002)
      • Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (2011)
      • The Help (2011)
      • One Day (2011)
      • Bridesmaids (2011)
      • X-Men: First Class (2011)
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      Re: He Said Hed Be Back

      What ever you do then, don't watch 'The Expendables 2'. There is a huge amount of mickey taking of each others catch phrases.

      Now I wonder which of them said this:

      "Hasta la vista, baby"

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      Re: He Said Hed Be Back

      any body like quotes check this site out Welcome To Movie Quotes - Famous Movie Quotes And Movie Lines



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