We told you all about Gemma Atkinson coming to M Festival weeks ago - or DID we? It seems we might have had a little secret up our sleeves as we can now announce that Gemma will be promoting EA's upcoming title, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.

Making her videogame acting debut, Gemma, 23, will play Lt Eva McKenna in Red Alert 3 - a character familiar to fans of Command & Conquer Red Alert 2. A military officer with a sexy twinkle in her eye and a British stiff upper lip, Eva is a communications officer for the Allied coalition in their fight against the Soviet and Rising Sun superpowers.

The game, which takes place in an alternate timeline and imagines what would have happened if time travel had been used by both Albert Einstein and the Soviet Union, features an epic global confrontation with you at the controls of your chosen faction.

At the M Festival Gemma will be on the EA stand and will be signing posters and posing for photographs with fans. If you're into Red Alert come along and get yourself a signed poster as a keepsake!